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Define What You Want In a Rental

What makes a good rental

How to Define What to Look For In a Windsor Rental UnitWindsor Neighborhood

Choosing your rental property sounds like an easy task.

Find a property that seems too good to be true, get the property for a great deal and live happily ever after right?


Well, it can be if you know what you’re looking for.

Most renters train of thought looks something like this:


  1. “What is my monthly budget?”
  2. “Where do I want to live?”
  3. *Find an apartment online*
  4. *Fill out an application and sign the contract*


Well today, all that changes

Windsor Rent Property Management

That’s why we have developed this guide to show you EXACTLY what you need to think about before renting a place to call home in Windsor.

Before you open a new page and start scrolling through our listings it’s important to know what you want before you ask any questions.

This will save you hours of saved time and potentially years of headaches and worry if you have made the right decision.

Let’s start off with an easy one…

What Is Your Ideal Neighborhood?

When thinking of the perfect rental to call home do you see yourself in the heart of downtown with easy walking distance to bars, shops, and restaurants downtown?


Do you see yourself in more of a quieter, family-friendly neighborhood?

When choosing the location of rental unit you are not only renting the property but the location of where the property is located as well.

When viewing a property try not to group one street with a whole neighborhood.

For example: Let’s say you are looking for a place downtown.

You find a house with big yard AND within walking distance of downtown.

You just hit the jackpot. Big yard, quiet neighborhood and your own place right?

1-week into the property and you realize that there are parties happening every other night!

One great tip is to walk around the block of the property, is this a neighborhood you could see yourself waking up to? Going for walks or runs? Inviting friends or family over?

This leads us right into our next question…


What Kind Of Building Do You want?

There are so many technical terms to choose from: apartment, town-home, single family home, bachelor, and the list goes on.

For this step I want you to envision the type of space you will need.

A single-family home will offer more room, and a larger yard to call your own.

While an apartment or bachelor complex will require a lot less room and worrying about maintenance but you might have to sacrifice this for less space and control.

When deciding the type of building you have to ask yourself “how much space do I not only need right now but in the future?”

This can be a hard one you maybe didn’t even think about.

Ask yourself:

Is it just me?

Will I need room for extra office space or a guest room?

Will I be having company over and entertain from time to time?

Planning not only for the present but the future is the greatest pitfalls of us all.

Need some help on the difference between furnished and unfurnished rentals

These hard-hitting questions will make the renting process 1000x easier when making the leap.

Which leads us right into the next question…

What Is The Parking Situation?Parking issues in Windsor

Do you have a car?

Will you need to park on the street? In a parking lot? Will parking be free?

When figuring out your mode of transportation you should also be conscious of where your guests will be parking.

How often will guests need to find parking?

If there is no parking on the property where will they be able to park?

If it is an apartment complex or a highrise will there be parking on the streets?

How far away is the parking? Will it be a couple seconds or a couple minutes from the car to the unit?

Windsor Ontario Parking Notes


Do They Allow For Pets?

This is a dealbreaker for most tenants, most tenants scour WindsorRent looking for that pet-friendly landlord.

Sometimes the landlord will allow for small animals only, SOMETIMES.

BE SURE to ask your landlord about their pet policy and whether you may need pet insurance or not.

If the landlord has a strict policy do not try and work around this, landlords WILL find out and this causes way more headaches and frustration than it’s worth.

Seriously, open communication and dialogue between you and the landlord will make the process A LOT easier.

Now onto the fun stuff…


Do I Go Solo Or Bring On a Partner?Han solo

The biggest question you have to stop and ask yourself is:

am I going to rent by myself or with roommates?

There are a number of reasons as to why both options are viable. Let’s see what those reasons are.


1. Sharing Financials:

Sharing with a roommate will not only bring down costs of rent but the cost of food, utilities, and any other expenses that incur when renting.

Although this sounds great and dandy, you do have to beware of the alleged “I’ll pay next time” roommate.

There have been too many instances of tenants who share with a friend and one doesn’t live up to their end of the bargain.

When thinking of how great it will be to cut costs, make sure you choose your partner VERY carefully.


2.Social Aspect:

When living with a roommate you get to always have someone to come home to, someone to share problems with at night and be with when you’re bored.

Even introverts like to interact with others every now and then.

However, there are always two sides to every story….

How much do you value your privacy? Your alone time?

What are the chances you come home to your room-mate with different romantic partners or friends over having drinks?

Again, this comes down to SERIOUSLY considering who will be your partner in your renting voyage.


3.Are you a neat freak? Better think twice

Are you the type to keep everything neat and tidy and presentable to your friends and family?

Well, your room-mate better feel the same way, or else the living happily ever after dream can come crumbling down with all the dirty dishes.

We cover in detail the financial obligations for roommates in the next chapter, but it is recommended that you document EXACTLY how financial obligations will be shared amongst the parties.

Not collecting rent, not knowing how to handle maintenance issues, and violation of noise complaints can have serious consequences without a formal document in place.

Now that you understand how important it is to be on the same page with not only the landlord but your potential roommate too it’s time to move on to…


What Type Of Amenities Do You Need?

Think about what you have in your current property that is essential for your living standards.

Some standard needs are on-site laundry, dishwasher, air conditioning and heating.

Some wants would be a pool, walk-in closet, gym, garage parking, large kitchen.

Now, these can change from property to property, location to location.

You should decide what amenities fit inside your budget. When viewing properties on WindsorRent you have the ability to compare and contrast the options that other rental units can offer. This will easily let you figure out the average rates that work for you in the location you are looking for.

The biggest factor that you should consider is what matters the most to you. What amenities are a NEED and what would be a WANT?

We dive into finding your budget in the next chapter.

But for now, let’s continue on to what appeals to you


What is Your Aesthetic?

This can be very challenging especially if you are planning on not living alone.

I have never seen more stressful moments and disagreements in my life than a couple deciding on the aesthetic of a property.

Hardwood floors? New appliances? Granite countertops? Carpet from wall to wall?

This often takes trial and error after viewing multiple properties with your partner to figure out what each other are willing to make sacrifices on.

Pictures can mean a thousand words, landlords usually provide pictures of the property so you can get a feel for how it looks before even viewing the property.

Once you have figured out what the inside of the property should look like you can now move onto…


What Outdoor Space Are You Looking For?

If you answered a close walk to bars, shops, and restaurants to the location question above, it might be a little hard to find that rental unit that also provides the big yard and outdoor space.

With a big yard and outdoor space, you have the ability to have a lawn, patio chair, an area to entertain for those barbecue get-togethers, the place for the kids and dogs to run around.

With an apartment complex and a nice view, you could open up your curtains to the city lights and an overview of the city.



Congratulations! You have now determined the type of criteria you need when looking for your apartment.

There are a lot more factors that go into finding your next rental, but just by reading through this list you have a much better understanding of what you are looking for.

Stay tuned for our one of our upcoming articles where we dive into how you should be structuring your finances while looking to rent.

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