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WindsorRent 10 steps of leasing

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WindsorRent’s 10 steps of Leasing

WindsorRent uses a 10-step formula to make sure your rental property gets the best possible tenant. Property Onboarding, Marketing your unit, screening tenants…

Windsor Rent Property Management


The introductory meeting allows us to sit down with the landlord and read over the contract to ensure everyone is on the same page. This includes some of the following.

  • Rent price
  • Amenities in the property
  • Type of lease agreement
  • How showings will be handled
  • Property Features

We will begin by giving a neighborhood analysis and determine the average market rent price the unit should be rented at. Then we will discuss the properties amenities, how the lease will be structured, property features, and how you would like our leasing agents to handle the property showings.



Once the terms have been agreed upon on how to structure the lease agreement, we move on to prepping the property. We know that how we market the property represent the impression the prospective tenant will on the unit.

This is why we spend a detailed amount of time taking photos of the property, curating a description to match what tenants will be searching for and create marketing pieces for our online rental property marketing channels.



Now that we have all paperwork and content marketing pieces in place, it’s time to start promoting your unit.Unlike traditional marketing practice of just placing an ad on Kijiji, we place your property on a variety of different marketing channels that fit the audience we are trying to attract.

Some of our marketing channels include but aren’t limited to:

  • Facebook Page
  • Facebook Groups
  • WindsorRent
  • Kijiji
  • Our list of active tenants

We look at the type of audience we are trying to attract and place your unit in the channels we determine will have the best results.



When the property goes live we actively respond to every phone call and email inquiry about the property. However, not every inquiry will be a winner.We have a series of pre-screening questions to learn more about why they want to rent the property and how capable they will be.

This gives us an overview of how the tenant will behave during the lifetime of their occupancy in the unit.



Once we have a list of tenants that have passed the first screening phase we move onto showing the property.We provide at minimum around two showings a week, one in the evening and one in the afternoon to accommodate for every type of busy schedule one may have.

We meet with the prospective tenants and show the unit off and work with the tenant to determine if they would be a right fit for the property.


6. COLLECTING TENANT APPLICATIONSLeasing Agent Agreement Windsor

After showing the unit to the prospective renters, we allow the tenant to submit an application to apply for the property.We have created a digital submission form we bring to every showing to increase efficiency and help bring WindsorRent one step closer to a paperless company.

Once the tenant has filled in all necessary information, the data is then stored and filtered for the next step in our leasing agent service.



No matter how well a tenant may seem, performing due diligence MUST be done for each and every applicant. Here at WindsorRent, we pride ourself on our tenant profiles and vetting we personally do for every tenant in our leasing agent service.We call previous landlords, employers, and references and ask key questions to determine how the tenant has behaved around previous authority figures, landlords, and bosses.

This will allow our windsor leasing agents to further determine how the tenant will behave in their new unit.



Once we have reviewed and collected as much information about the tenant as possible we create tenant reports.WindsorRent tenant reports are a two-page report that showcases every important aspect you need to know when picking your next tenant.

From all the applicants that apply, we send you reports of the top applicants we feel are a perfect choice for your rental property.



Upon receiving the tenant reports you will now have the option of selecting the tenant for your property.We then call up the prospective tenant to schedule a time and a date for the landlord, tenant, and leasing agent to come together and have a final review of the property and the lease contract.



Once you have selected the tenant profile that best suits your needs, we then continue on to signing the contract.The contract will allow the tenant to deposit first and last months rent, as well as a time and date for the move in process.

Once everything is set in place you can sit back and relax knowing you have the perfect in place for your rental from our leasing agent service.