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Property Management Companies in Windsor Region Ontario

Houses in Windsor

Windsor Ontario’s housing market is about 45% renters and 55% home owners.Landlord hiring a manager

With renting becoming more and more of a valid option, landlords have to start thinking of a second option to take on the rising amount of renters.

Whether you are a student landlord around the University of Windsor or St.Clair College; or a residential landlord, things can get overwhelming very quickly.

Property Management services can be involved in a variety of options from rent collection to managing the day to day operations.

If you’re looking for a new tenant, make sure to head on over to our hire a leasing agent page, or give Colin Hart a call.


Windsor Rent Property Management



Otherwise, let’s get on with the list, shall we?


Top Windsor Ontario Property Management Companies



Website: https://windsorrent.ca

Phone Number: (226) 260-8744

Location: WindsorRegion

Description: Residential Property Management and Professional Leasing

Turnkey Property Management

Website: http://turnkeymanagement.ca

Phone Number: (519) 300-2338

Location: Windsor, Waterloo, Toronto

Description: Commercial and Residential Property Management

RAM Property Management

Website: http://rampropertymanagement.ca/

Phone Number: (519) 566-5733

Location: Windsor, Ontario

Description: House Rental Management, Residential Property Management Company Windsor

Home 2 Home Properties

Website: http://home2home.vpweb.ca/

Phone Number: (519) 890-5245

Location: Windsor, Ontario

Description: Property Management Company in Windsor Ontario

Skyline Living

Website: http://www.skylineliving.ca/

Phone Number: (519) 551-4386

Location: Ontario, Quebec, Alberta, British Columbia

Description: High Rise Luxury Property Management

Marda Management

Website: http://www.mardamanagement.com/

Phone Number: (519) 255-7368

Location: Windsor, Tecumseh, Lasalle, Kingsville

Description:  Full-Service Windsor Property Management Company

Rent for all Property Management Windsor (Rent4all)

Website: https://www.rent4all.ca

Phone Number: (519) 258-3966

Location: Windsor, Ontario

Description: Full-Service Property Management and leasing company

J.K Property Management

Website: http://rentit2u.com/

Phone Number: (519) 798-3142

Location: Windsor, Ontario

Description: Residential and Commercial  Property Management

Roubin Properties

Website: http://www.roubinproperties.com

Phone Number: (519) 257-8386

Location: Windsor, Ontario

Description: Condo and Commercial Property Management

Property Hunters

Website: https://propertyhunters.com

Phone Number: (855) 373-7368

Location: Windsor, Ontario

Description: Leasing and Property Management Company


Website: http://www.timbercreekcommunities.com

Phone Number: (877) 672-8957

Location: Windsor, Ontario

Description: Community Property Management

Marwick Property Management

Website: Google My Business

Phone Number: (519) 945-1128

Location: Windsor, Ontario

Description: Property Management company in Windsor, Ontario

ConclusionDeciding Property Manager House in Windsor Ontario

If you’re shopping around for a property manager, make sure to do your due diligence.

  • Check Reviews
  • Ask Previous Clients
  • Call and ask for an example of how the service is handled
  • Trial run (month or so)

Windsor’s housing market is one to keep your eye on and make sure things are running smoothly. Having a trusted, hard-working property manager in place to look over your assets can be a life changer – just make sure it’s for the better.

Windsor Rent Property Management

Let us know in the comments below what your experience with property managers are.

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