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WindsorRent Tenants

 WindsorRent TenantsGarbage and Recycling

If you are responsible for taking out your own garbage and recycling, the above link is all you will need to know.

Just search by postal code or use the City of Windsor interactive map!

Place the garbage with lids on as the City of Windsor recommends, also please ensure that any broken bags, debris, or large items are cleaned and wrapped together for ease of pickup.


How do I make Payments?

Great question! We try to make the rental payment process as easy as possible for our tenants.

We provide every tenant with 3 options

  1. Online payments through our E-pay services (Debit and Credit!). Just log into your personal Tenant Portal and set up automatic payments, reminders, or manually pay every month!
  2. Cheques – we offer the ability for tenants to make cheques payable to WindsorRent Inc.
  3. Email Money Transfer (E-transfer) – You will be reminded every month to make rent payable to our accounting department at


Setting up Utilities

Moving into a new home can be exciting, and maybe even a little overwhelming at some points! Don’t worry, EnWin and union gas provide help to Windsor residents every day, and are here to help you too.

  1. EnWin utilities – Fill out their form and someone will be contacting you and help set everything up within 2 business days
  2. Union Gas – Use an existing account or register a new account and start setting up your property through their online system


Reconnect With Windsor

The City of Windsor has compiled a list of fun activities for ages of all ranges!

From the new Adventure Bay to the famous culture and art at Windsor’s riverfront, you can have fun adventures all times of the year.


Transit Windsor

New to Windsor or don’t have a consistent mode of transportation? Transit Windsor has an excellent system for getting to and from locations here in transitwindsor Bus Windsorthe City of Windsor. (Especially for UofW Students)

Type in your destination, select the date and time, and you’re on your way!


Windsor Region Schools

Looking at schools in the area and not sure where to start? The public board offers a list of schools and their phone numbers for you to look through.

Click the link above to learn about French immersion programs, courses offered, and how the schools are helping our Windsor community.


Build Your Credit While You Rent!

We are also able to enroll tenants in our special “Build Your Credit While You Rent!” promotion.

This program offers tenants the ability to record payment to the Landlord and Tenant Credit Bureau and build your credit faster with on-time rental payments.


Raffles and Prizes

We like to not only provide great housing for Windsor tenants but reward you as well. Each month that you pay rent on time, you will be entered into a raffle where names will be drawn for prizes.

For example, if you pay rent on time for 6 months, you would be eligible to enter in our semi-annual draw and win a flat-screen TV.