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Top dog parks in Windsor Ontario near me

Top Dog Parks In Windsor

Are you looking to take your dog on a little get away?

Whether you have taken your dog around the block, through parks and trails, or running around in your backyard….

…There is always a new adventure lying ahead.

Windsor Ontario offers many hidden parks and trails, but today we are opening them up to the public and your furry little friend. 

Here are the top dog parks in Windsor Ontario:



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Optimist Memorial Dog ParkOptimist Dog Park


With over 50 acres of the entire park and being over 90 years old, Optimist Park is one of the largest city parks in Windsor.

One of the greatest amenities of the park is the Optimist Community Center located in the middle of the park, which had just been renovated this year.

The optimist park has provided a source of joy and happiness for years. The park has many additional features such as:

  • Pedestrian trails
  • Soccer field
  • Baseball field
  • Small forest which connects with the dog park.

With benches, free doggy bags, and trees overlooking the field for a nice shaded area.

There are also two gated sections for smaller dogs and larger dogs to play safely. Optimist Dog Park located around South Walkerville is definitely a top priority in your next adventure with your little friend.

A must see in our list of the top dog parks in Windsor Ontario.



Ford Test Track
Ford Test Track


The Ford Test Track is known to most as the soccer field where kids come from far and near.

A little history…

The Ford Test Track is in the near-east-end of Windsor Ontario, in the 1980’s, the City of Windsor purchased the track to convert to the park we have today.

With a large city-operated restaurant, the park also contains a large race track for joggers and bikers get their daily exercise.

The dog park is a very open field that allows for large dogs and has a small dog section to play safely.



Tecumseh Dog ParkTecumseh Dog Park


Tecumseh Dog Park is a fairly new contribution to the city in the past 15 years and had its anniversary on June 27th of the grand opening.

Looking for luxury?

The Dog Park provides a one-of-a-kind dog water fountain, benches, and trees to enjoy and relax in the outdoors. 

There are also asphalt trails around the 2.5-acre site.

Being recently built, the Tecumseh dog park offers dog owners and dogs a newer, brighter experience and brings a more modern feel to dog parks in the Windsor Region.



Remington Booster Dog Park Windsor

Remington Booster Park

Remington Booster Dog Park offers separate parks for both the small dogs and the large dogs to enjoy their stay.

But that’s not all…

Remington Booster Park has a wide collection of facilities for all seasons. The pool was recently rebuilt and had a spray pad and a tot pool was added.

In 2004 there was a section of the park that was portioned off as a leash-free dog zone.



In Conclusion

Dogs always need our love.

From exercise to a home to sleep at night and everything in between.

My top two recommendations would be the Tecumseh dog park and Optimist dog park.


I highly recommend you check them all and let us know what your favourite dog park in the Windsor Ontario Region is down below!

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